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About Us

Who We Are

'Goods I Love' was founded by a group of regular internet consumers who felt that everything being sold online today was low quality, and barely ever had the customer in mind.

We decided to act on our feelings and create a store using the exact opposite attitude of the ones we so regretted purchasing from in the past.  
This is 'Goods I Love' - a store where you can shop for low-priced, high-quality goods.

Where We Are

We have offices in Miami, London, and Jerusalem. Nothing and no one is more important to us than our customers so shoot us an email if you're ever in town! 

Where To Get In Touch

You can contact us with any questions or inquiries at any time using the contact form on our contact us page, or by emailing us directly at

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To follow us on Facebook click here or if you're more of an Instagrammer click here

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